Galloway Township Public Schools

The Galloway Township Child Study team is a group of professionals who work together to identify students in need of academic, behavioral, and emotional assistance. The team works closely with teachers and parents in regard to student needs to determine special education eligibility through diagnostic, evaluative, and consultative services. These services are conducted as defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Student Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are developed to provide the best possible opportunities for students with disabilities. This reflects the district goal to provide appropriate educational and related services in the least restrictive environment.

Members of the Child Study Team include: The Director of Special Education - Jennifer Baldwin, School Psychologist, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, and the School Social Worker. Services are also provided by our district’s occupational, physical, and speech therapists. If you as a parent have any concerns regarding your child’s IEP, please contact your child’s CST case manager.

The Child Study Team (CST) members for each school are listed below:

Pomona Preschool:
Nicole Neville, School Psychologist: 609-748-1250, ext. 4430;
Juli Dunkelberger, Speech Therapist: 609-748-1250, ext. 4432;

Stephanie French, Speech Therapist: 609-748-1250, ext. 4432;


Arthur Rann Elementary School:
Christine Graham, LDT-C: 609-748-1250, ext. 4370;
Shannon Travers, School Psychologist: 609-748-1250, ext. 4372;
Cindy Reynolds, School Social Worker: 609-748-1250, ext. 4371;
Crystal Riotta, Speech Therapist: 609-748-1250, ext. 4336;
Meghan Snow, Speech Therapist (Maternity Leave)

Reeds Road Elementary School:
Kristen Swanson, LDT-C; 609-748-1250, ext. 1573;
Robbyn Scott, LDT-C, Autism Case Manager;
609-748-1250, ext. 1591;
Jessica Brower, School Psychologist
: 609-748-1250, ext. 1538;

Joseph Conte, School Social Worker: 609-748-1250, ext. 1537;
Joanne Popeson, Speech Therapist: 609-748-1250, ext. 1508;


Roland Rogers Elementary School:
Kelly Ho, LDT-C: 609-748-1250, ext. 2097;
Courtney Thompson, School Psychologist: 609-748-1250, ext. 2060;
Elizabeth Elevich, School Social Worker: 609-748-1250, ext. 2018;
Nicole Warriner, Speech Therapist: 609-748-1250, ext. 2066;


Smithville Elementary School:
Stephanie Kunicki, School Psychologist: 609-748-1250, ext. 4615;
Michele VanSickle, School Social Worker: 609-748-1250, ext. 4616;
Mary Roman, Speech Therapist: 609-748-1250, ext. 4676;


Galloway Township Middle School:
Heather Suckiel, LDT-C: 609-748-1250, ext. 5012;
Penny Reilly, School Psychologist: 609-748-1250, ext. 5013;
Dominic Mevoli, School Social Worker: 609-748-1250, ext. 5011;
Stephanie French, Speech Therapist: 609-748-1250, ext. 5018;

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