Child Care Program

The Child Care Program now operates on certain Early Dismissal Days. CLICK HERE for more information.

Child Care Program forms are now available on-line. Please click on the appropriate link below to download and print the form you need. Forms appear in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF file types. If you do not have the correct program to open the files, you may download Adobe Reader (for PDF files) by clicking here.

Enrollment & Emergency Information Form (PDF)
Fee Agreement (PDF)
Health History Questionnaire (PDF) (Word)
Behavior Policy (PDF) (Word)
Asthma Questionnaire (PDF) (Word)

To view our on-line Child Care Brochure, either scroll down the page or choose a category from the table of contents below:

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Important Information Fees Program Overview
Rules and Regulations Credits Who May Attend the CCP


The Galloway Township Board of Education is proud to offer a child care program to students in grades K through 6. They may attend both Before- and After-School Programs. The child care program is approved by the Galloway Township Board of Education, however, the program operates as a self-funded program and receives no money from the annual school board budget. In order to maintain the high quality of care we provide for the children attending the program, we must charge certain fees that are outlined here.

The Before School Program opens to students at 7:30 a.m. It permits those parents who need to be at work before 9:00 a.m. a sense of security in knowing that their child is being cared for in a friendly, safe and warm environment. Fees are $6.00 per day for this program. Breakfast is optional and available daily at a minimal cost.

The After School Program is available from dismissal until 6:00 p.m. (Staff leaves after the last child is picked up). The program provides recreation, art, homework help (not tutoring) and opportunities to socialize. The fee is $10.00 per day for this program. For the 2014-2015 school year, we will provide each child with a snack and drink. If your child has food allergies, please send a snack with them. No bottles please!

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There are Two Ways to Register...

Note: It is important that you read this brochure carefully. With your registration, your signature attests to the fact that you have read this brochure and understand the procedures and regulations of the Child Care Program and will follow them.

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Rules and Regulations

  1. Children attending the Before-School Program must be signed in by a parent or guardian. Those attending the After-School Program must be signed out by a parent or guardian no later than 6:00 pm. There is a $15.00 per 15 minutes late pickup fee for children picked up after 6:00 pm. Thereafter, a $25.00 per 15 minute late pickup fee will be assessed. Repeated abuse of the 6:00 pm pick-up time can result in the child being dismissed from the Child Care Program (CCP).
  2. Any child enrolled in the After-School Program who will be attending another activity in the same school (such as Scouts) must inform the CCP teacher that he or she is present and will return after the meeting. This is permitted only after a parental note is on file with the CCP teachers in that school.
  3. Enrollment is by coupons ONLY. Coupons and payments must be submitted on the dates indicated on each coupon for the following week(s). Payments must accompany coupon - ONLY checks and money orders accepted - NO CASH. Coupons must be given to a Child Care Staff Person during program hours ONLY. Please do not give the coupon/payment to your child, your child's teacher, or any other school staff person.
  4. All school rules of behavior apply to the CCP. Repeated infractions will result in dismissal from the program(s).
  5. There is an additional $15.00 fee for the replacement of a lost coupon book.
  6. A $30 service fee will be charged for each check returned. Repayment is required for future enrollments of your child(ren) in the CCP. Noncompliance will cause dismissal from the program.
  7. Please keep the pink coupon for your tax records. We cannot provide individual records.
  8. You may add a day for emergencies only with prior approval for the Child Care Program Coordinator. No changes are accepted once coupon is turned in.

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Before-School Program: 7:30 am - opening of school
After-School Program: dismissal time - 6:00 pm

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Fees: Per Child
The Child Care Program is approved by the Galloway Township Board of Education. However, the program operates as a self-funded program and receives no money from the school budget. In order
to maintain the high quality of care we provide for the children attending the program, we must charge the following:

Yearly Registration: $15.00
Before School Program: $6.00 per day
After School Program: $10.00 per day
Early Dismissal Day Enrollment Fee $18.00 per day
Child Returned by Bus Driver $60.00
Child Not Picked Up at School $60.00
Child Returned by Bus Driver on Early Dismissal Day $68.00
Child Not Picked Up on Early Dismissal Day $68.00
Replacement of Lost Coupon Book $15.00


Late Enrollment Fee (one day): $15.00 per child**
Late Enrollment Fee (two days): $30.00 per child
Late Enrollment Fee (three days): $50.00 per child
Late Pick-up Fee - First Time $15.00 per 15 min.
Late Pick-up Fee - Second Time $25.00 per 15 min.

*ALL late fees must be paid by the next week in order to continue using the program.
** MUST receive prior approval from the CCP Coordinator for three or more days late: 609-748-1250, ext. 1029.

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Credits are issued for Emergency School closings (i.e. Snow Days) ONLY! Credits will not be issued for an overpayment on a coupon.
Please check your calculations before turning in your coupon!

Note: Credits of one school year cannot be applied to the next school year.

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A 10% discount is given for any family sending two or more children to two programs (am AND pm) every day of the entire school week.

Note: In a family of more than two children, only those who attend daily for an entire week are available for a discount.

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Program Overview
The Child Care Program is offered in the elementary schools before school (7:30 am until school opens), and after school (from dismissal time until 6:00 pm). Our goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for your child.

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Who May Attend the CCP
The program is for K - 6th grade students enrolled in the elementary Galloway Township Public Schools. Registration in the Child Care Program is a prerequisite before any attendance. Registrations must be renewed each year to use the program.

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All children who take part in the Galloway Township Child Care Program (CCP) must first be registered. This also includes all emergency cases. Each child is required to have an Emergency Information Sheet on file with the CCP teachers upon first attendance. Registration begins in July. To register your child, please come by the office to pick up a Registration Form. To register by mail, please enclose a separate registration form for each child and the $15.00 per child registration fee in an envelope and mail to:

Galloway Township Child Care Program
101 South Reeds Road
Galloway, NJ 08205

After your child is registered in the Galloway Township CCP, you will receive a coupon book which includes coupons for every week of the school year. The same coupon can be used for both the Before- and After-School Programs. These coupons may be used either weekly or monthly. Please fill out one set of coupons (three copies of the same coupon) and submit the top two (white and yellow) copies to the school where your child attends the program. The pink copy should be retained for your tax purposes.

Weekly enrollments are usually due on Wednesdays. Please be aware of the bolded due dates in your coupon book. An attendance list must be compiled and distributed on Friday. Please do not ask for exceptions to that rule because we do not wish to jeopardize the safety and well-being of any child. Two working days are needed to properly prepare the following week's schedules for each school, homeroom and CCP teachers, etc. Enrollment and payment dates are specified on each coupon for your convenience. Please take note of the dates and follow them to avoid a late fee penalty.

If you have any questions, please call us at: 609-748-1250, ext 1029.


Important Phone Numbers:

CCP Staff Cell Phone List
Arthur Rann: 226-3681
Reeds Road: 226-3769
Roland Rogers: 226-3744
Smithville: 226-3083
Nurse: 226-3756

CCP Coordinator - Marilyn Moore, Supervisor of Guidance, Health Services, Child Care & Community Education
748-1250, x. 1012

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