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Galloway Township Middle School & Sustainable Galloway Go Green Team
Annual Recycle Bowl

The last three years, Galloway Township Middle School (GTMS) has participated in Keep America Beautiful Recycle Bowl Competition. The first two years (2012 and 2013) the school principal would kick off the competition with addressing the student body via the GMTV morning program. Then all the students would sign a pledge to recycle in school and at home. They would keep this pledge in their Agenda books throughout the school year. At the end of each day, students would carry the classroom recycling to the large recycling container in their hallway. This continued throughout the competition.

The 2014 school year, the GTMS Environmental Club, its Advisor and Galloway Go Green Team School Liaison decided to run the Recycle Bowl Competition. It was decided that the club members would follow the procedures as in the past. In addition, the Environmental Club Advisor and the School Liaison Representative shared the results of June 2014 Waste Audit for GTMS conducted by Atlantic County Utilities Authority. The club members recognized from the report that the school cafeteria needed to improve the recycling procedures. They, along with the school principal, the cafeteria employees, and maintenance/housekeeping workers set up procedures to increase the recycling of beverage containers (milk cartons, cans, and juice containers).

The results of the Recycle Bowl Competition for GTMS yielded 4.19 pounds per capita of recycling, while last year’s results were 3.60 pounds per capita. We believe this increase is due largely to the cafeteria procedures carried out by the Environmental Club members. They are committed to seeing that these practices continue throughout the school year.

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