Curriculum Documentation for School Health Services



Grade Level:  Pre-school Program to Grade 8


Program Overview: 

The primary objective of school health services is to facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the total health status of children and staff.


Program Objectives:

The goals of School Health Services are:

  1. To maintain School Health Services in accordance with school health law and district policies 

  2. To provide care for sick or injured students and staff per approved procedures

  3. To administer medications as prescribed by studentís health care provider in accordance with state law, school policy and the Nurse Practice Act.

  4. To promote self-management of students with serious health concerns

  5. To provide training for staff who are delegated for the emergency administration of epinephrine and other nursing tasks according to state mandates

  6. To instruct staff regarding emergency medical procedures as per district policy

  7. To secure and interpret student medical records

  8. To maintain current individual student health data

  9. To provide for individual health screenings as mandated by state law and recommended by Board of Education policy

  10. To monitor implementation of required immunization of students

  11. To collaborate in the process of identifying students with special needs

  12. To collaborate with parents/guardians, professional staff, community agencies and other health care providers regarding students with specific health care needs

  13. To maintain individual school health care plans for students with special health concerns

  14. To promote maintenance of a healthful physical environment

  15. To promote healthy life practices

  16. To assist with Quality Assurance Annual Review to determine school health services effectiveness

  17. To implement formulation of a School Health Services Plan to determine overall school health services needs

  18. To submit health service reports as required by law

Implementation of Program Services


1.       Maintaining School Health Services

2.       Care for Sick or Injured Students and Staff

3.       Administration of Medications

4.      Promote Self Management of Students with Serious Health Concerns

5.      Delegation of Emergency Administration  of Epinephrine and Nursing Tasks

6.  Instruction of Staff for Emergency Medical Procedures

7.  Secure and Interpret Student Medical Records

8.  Maintain Current Individual Student Health Data

9.  Screening Procedures for All Students

10.   Monitoring Required Immunizations

11.   Identifying Students With Special Needs

12.   Collaboration with Parents/Guardians, Professional Staff, Community Agencies and Other Health Care Providers

13.  Formulate and Maintain Individual Health Care Plans for Students with Special Health Concerns

14.   Maintenance  of Healthful Physical Environment

15.   Promotion of Healthy Life Practices

16.   Quality Assurance Annual Review

17.  Formulation of School Health Services Plan

18.  Health Service Reports