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Meeting the standard of excellence! - this motto guides the work of our department as we seek to provide a comprehensive education for all our students. The Galloway Township Public Schools are proud of our staff that provide a positive learning environment, effective instruction, and enriching experiences for our students. Moreover, we are equally as proud of our students' achievements in every facet of school life--from academics to citizenship to performances and athletics.

In New Jersey, teaching and learning are driven by two main sets of standards: 1) the Common Core State Standards and the Core Curriculum Content Standards which identify content and skill expectations for our students in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Language, Visual and Performing Arts, and Physical Education/Health and 2) the Professional Development Standards which focus on the lifelong learning of our certified staff. Using these two sets of standards, along with the "standard of excellence", our department engages in tasks such as curriculum development, instructional material selection, analysis of student achievement data, creation of enrichment and intervention programs for students, technology integration, training for our faculty/staff, and informational programs for our parents/guardians.

Beyond the standards indicated above, there are several key principles that guide our work. These principles, listed below, are based upon our collective experiences as educators combined with the latest research in effective education. It should be noted that every teacher may not incorporate each of these every day. Rather, over the course of a marking period, unit of study, etc., these principles will serve to guide their teaching and enhance student learning. Note: for some items, a basic definition is provided. For questions regarding any of these principles, please e-mail a supervisor using the link below.

  • Emphasis on problem solving
  • Questioning techniques that promote higher order thinking
  • Incorporation of inquiry-based, hands-on learning
  • Utilization of integrated, thematic units
  • Varying assessment
  • Student reflection on learning
  • Activities that relate to student interests
  • Student social interaction
  • Promoting student responsibility
  • To, With, and By: this concept, based in literacy instruction, applies to any area of the curriculum. It promotes the idea that teachers should model for students, work interactively with students, and then allow students to work on their own.
  • Differentiation of instruction: simply defined, DI is a teacher's response to a learner's needs

As you browse our webpage, you will meet our Supervisors, find links to helpful educational sites, see our latest test scores, and learn about the Galloway Township Public Schools curriculum, key programs, and current initiatives. Parents/guardians are encouraged to remain informed about and active in their child's education, no matter what the grade. Community members and other guests visiting this site are welcome to contact us about any information and/or arrange for a visit to our schools. Thank you for visiting our webpage and for assisting us in meeting the standard of excellence!

Michael Hinman and Betty Napoli
District Directors