Galloway Township Board of Education
Current Committees/Appointments

NJSBA County Association Suzette Cordero, Delegate
Madeline Avery, Alternate Delegate
Education Foundation John W. Knorr, Representative
Facilities Committee Richard Dase, Chairperson
Tom Hand
Rosemary Goldberg
Negotiations Committee Suzette Cordero, Chairperson
Ernest Huggard
John Knorr
Policy Committee Tom Hand, Chairperson
Rosemary Goldberg
Finance Committee John W. Knorr, Chairperson
Richard Dase
Suzette Cordero
Government Liaison Committee Madeline Avery, Chairperson
Michael Greb
Richard Dase
Technology Committee Michael Greb, Chairperson
Madeline Avery
Non-Voting Seat on the Galloway Twp. Planning Board Richard Dase, Representative
Non-Voting Seat on the Galloway Twp. Zoning Board Michael Greb, Representative

Approved: January 9, 2017 BOE Meeting