Lunch Menus:
The Food Service Department is proud to introduce the new 2012 USA Healthier Lunch Menu! When you see "WGR" - that means "Whole Grain Rich".

Breakfast is available daily! Assorted WGR cereals with donut balls, fruit juice and fat free unflavored or chocolate milk. For lunch, our potato and chicken products have zero trans fats. Also, we only use lean ground beef and whole wheat pizza crust with low fat cheese. Water is available to purchase daily at each school as well as healthy snacks, fresh fruits, veggies, and low fat dip.

NOTE: If $25 or more is owed, a Turkey Bologna Sandwich will be lunch, and no snack items or breakfast purchases can be made!

There are options for payment - see "Pay Pams" for credit card transactions. ALSO NOTE: If your child has an allergy, please provide a doctor's note so we can accommodate your child. Thank you!

LUNCH MENUS - March 2020*: Pomona Preschool | ALL Elementary Schools | GTMS

NEW! - We are pleased to provide you with the complete nutritional chart of our menu items - just CLICK HERE!

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Alternative Main Entrees (Choose one in place of main entree):
Cold Deli Selection or Peanut Butter and Jelly Pocket

Let's not forget our vegetables and fruit! You can choose a garden salad to replace the vegetable of the day. You also have a choice of fresh or canned fruit daily, and all breakfasts include juice!

You also can choose fat free unflavored or chocolate milk with every lunch.

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