PayPAMS (Parent Account Management System):

PAMS LUNCHROOM, LLC, in partnership with PCS Revenue Control Systems, Inc., Elavon and RK Software joined together to provide a new service for school cafeteria programs for the benefit of parents and district administrators.

PayPAMS was designed to provide parents with a safe and convenient way to prepay for studentís meals online. Parents can set up automatic payment plans, view balances and account history, and receive automated notification on balance status.

CLICK HERE to set up or access your PayPAMS account!

PayPAMS allows parents to:

About PCS Revenue Control Systems Inc.: PCS Revenue Control Systems has been helping thousands of schools "do lunch" since 1986, when invited by the Federal Government to offer a solution to the accountability issue of the National School Lunch and Nutrition Act. PCS revolutionized school meal programs across the nation ó making life easier for thousands of Business Managers, Food Service Directors, Cashiers and Cafeteria Staff, Principals, Students and even Parents - with faster moving lines, increased revenues, improved accountability and comprehensive reporting.