Rethinking Homework

Our NEW Homework Policy #6154.00: CLICK HERE to Read the Policy (adopted 8-15-11 by the BOE)

Where did the research originate? Our administrators started researching this topic in 2008, which culminated in a collaborative book study of the text "Rethinking Homework: Best Practices that Support Diverse Needs" (Vatterott; Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development: July 2, 2009), and started thinking about what we expect from our teachers and students. Learn More here - Cathy Vatterott's "Rethinking Homework" Video; Cathy Vatterott's Amazon Page

How was it presented to staff? Our October 2010 Staff Development Day was the introduction of this idea to our staff members. We shared a district produced video: "Rethinking Homework" (WMV), and PowerPoint presentation: (PDF File)

What do our teachers think? See for yourself with the results of our Staff Survey: "Rethinking Homework Staff Survey - October 2010" (PDF)

How about Galloway parents? We also administered a survey to Galloway parents. See the results here: "Parent Survey Results - February 2011" (PDF)

Follow the media coverage (listed in reverse chronological order):
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"The Homework Debate: Less Can Be More": The Press of Atlantic City Editorial, May 31, 2011
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"Galloway Schools May Ban Homework Over Weekends, Holidays": The Press of Atlantic City, May 24, 2011