In the case of inclement weather that causes schools to close, YOU WILL RECEIVE A PHONE CALL FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT ON EITHER THE NIGHT BEFORE OR THE MORNING THAT SCHOOL IS TO BE CLOSED. The district uses a communications tool called School Messenger that allows us to record one message and send it to every parent and staff members' home on the day of the closing. NOTE: It is VERY important that we have the proper contact information (email, phone numbers, etc.) for you - PLEASE contact your child's school right away if any of this information changes.

In addition to receiving a phone call, closing information is posted here:

Please be advised that while it is difficult to coordinate bussing for the consortium (a group of schools in the area that all share the same bus company) - in the event of inclement weather the school district may use a two-hour delay. This means that:

- If a student is transported by bus, the student should report
  to the bus stop two hours later than the usual time.
- If a student is driven to school, walks, or rides a bike to
  school, the student should arrive two hours later than the
  usual time.
- Child Care would also be delayed by the same two hours.
- The school day would end at the normal time.

You are encouraged to listen fully to any automated message from the school district.