Two-Hour Delayed Opening

Please be advised that in the event of inclement weather the school district may use a two-hour delay. This means that:

- If a student is transported by bus, the student should report
  to the bus stop two hours later than the usual time.
- If a student is driven to school, walks, or rides a bike to
  school, the student should arrive two hours later than the
  usual time.
- Child Care would also be delayed by the same two hours.
- The school day would end at the normal time.

You are encouraged to listen fully to any automated message from the school district.


In the case of inclement weather that causes schools to close, YOU WILL RECEIVE A PHONE CALL FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT ON EITHER THE NIGHT BEFORE OR THE MORNING THAT SCHOOL IS TO BE CLOSED. The district uses a communications tool called School Messenger that allows us to record one message and send it to every parent and staff members' home on the day of the closing.

In addition to receiving a phone call, closing information is posted on the district homepage, it is tweeted, and if you call the main phone number (609-748-1250), the main recording will announce the closing as well. 

You can also watch the following television stations and/or visit their websites. Remember, we are listed as "Galloway Township Public Schools":
Channel 3: CLICK HERE for their by District #934
Channel 4: CLICK HERE for their by name
Channel 6:
CLICK HERE for their by name
Channel 10: CLICK HERE for their by name
GTV - Channel 2

The following local radio stations also broadcast our closings:
1060 AM (
1400 AM WOND
1580 AM
107.3 WPUR (Cat Country)
96.9 WFPG
106.3 WKOE