We are pleased to offer a better way to sign all those Back to School forms that seem to clog your child's backpack every year! Introducing ZippSlip - an electronic backpack containing all the important documents that we ask you to sign. As of 8/31/17, forms are still being uploaded into the system. We ask for your patience while we make final changes to these packets. All changes should be done by September 6, 2017 - thank you!

To use ZippSlip, first go to this website to create an account: https://www.zippslip.com/Zippslip/Authenticate/District.aspx
Choose our state (New Jersey), then our district (Galloway Township), then click "Go". You can then login, or click on the green "Create Account" button at the bottom of the page. Note: you will need your child's 6-digit Student ID to create an account and link with each child in the Galloway School District. If you know your child's lunch ID number, just add a "9" in front of it. You can also find it on any report card - look to the left of your child's name at the top of the report.

Also note: you can download the ZippSlip App to your smartphone/device by visiting the AppStore or GooglePlay (as appropriate).

Want to see how it works? CLICK HERE to watch a demonstration video!

Once logged in, you will see a "Back to School Packet" for each student/school. Documents can be viewed and signatures will be gathered via a PIN that you choose for yourself. Note that even after you view and sign documents, your answers can be changed as many times as necessary before the deadline.

Thank you for your understanding of our efforts to reduce our use of paper. This saves trees, time, and effort, and supports our green initiatives district-wide!