Board Committees/Appointments

NJSBA County Association Susan Coll-Guedes, Delegate
Alexa Beshara-Blauth, Alternate Delegate
Education Foundation Madeline Avery, Representative
Facilities Committee Richard Dase, Chairperson
Sherri Parmenter
Ebenezer Bilewu
Negotiations Committee James Gentile, Chairperson
Alexa Beshara-Blauth
Suzette Carmen
Policy Committee Sherri Parmenter, Chairperson
Belinda Chester
Susan Coll-Guedes
Finance Committee Alexa Beshara-Blauth, Chairperson
Richard Dase
James Gentile
Technology Committee Ebenezer Bilewu, Chairperson
Susan Coll-Guedes
Belinda Chester
Non-Voting Seat on the Galloway Twp. Planning Board Sherri Parmenter, Representative
Non-Voting Seat on the Galloway Twp. Zoning Board Richard Dase, Representative
District Advisory Committee Susuan Coll-Guedes, Ad Hoc Member
Belinda Chester, Ad Hoc Member