Core Values & Mission Statement

In Spring of 2002, a group of community citizens, school staff, and Jane Kerschner, a representative of the New Jersey School Boards Association, got together one Saturday morning to create a mission statement that would formally announce our goals as a district and shape our decisions as we move forward. Our mission statement was formally adopted by the board in the Fall of 2003.

Our Mission Statement:
Galloway Township Public Schools, a diverse and progressive district, unifies educators, families, and community to provide a safe, challenging learning environment for all children to develop and succeed.

Our Belief Statements:

  • We believe in high expectations for all students based on an individual students' potential.

  • We believe our children will be provided with an equal opportunity to learn in a safe environment where they feel they belong.

  • We believe the educational community and our schools will be dynamic, forward thinking and open minded to explore new opportunities focused on keeping our schools on the cutting edge of education.

  • We believe that the future success of our schools and the education of our children is a shared responsibility among the school, the home, and the entire community.

  • We believe our diversity must be embraced for the benefit of enriching our students' experiences and the overall educational program.

  • We believe in the continuous improvement of our schools through high quality professional development opportunities for school staff.

Our Core Values:

As reflected in our district logo, our core values are: Respect, Hard Work, Kindness, Trust and Equity.