Roles & Responsibilities

Who are the members of the Child Study Team?

The members of the Child Study Team as determined by the New Jersey Department of Education are a school psychologist, a learning disabilities teacher consultant, and a school social worker.

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What are the responsibilities of the School Psychologist?

The school psychologist has expertise in determining a child's level of cognitive and conceptual development. The school psychologist consults with teachers, parents, and school personnel about learning, social, and behavior problems. The psychologist specializes in performing assessments that are intended to assess the intellectual, social, and emotional development of the student. The school psychologist may also intervene directly with counseling services for students at the individual and group level.

What are the responsibilities of the School Social Worker?

The social worker specializes in evaluations of the family and community factors which contribute to the student's problem and other factors that may serve as supportive resources. This professional generally gathers information concerning the student's health, family, and school history as it pertains to the student's current school functioning. School social workers provide individual and group counseling, consultation to teachers, and other services, which help students cope with their disabilities. They collaborate with community agencies and provide case management for students and families requiring multiple services.

What are the responsibilities of the Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant?

The learning consultant (LDT-C) is trained to determine the learning styles of students, to determine specific achievement levels in a variety of content areas, and to recommend specific teaching methods and strategies that may benefit a student. This professional is generally called upon to model specific strategies and methods that may benefit students.