Enrollment in the Member Benefits Online System (MBOS) is highly recommended - click here to get started: MBOS Starter Kit

All employees of the district are eligible to enroll in 403b and 457b supplemental retirement systems offered by district approved vendors. Vendors should be contacted directly for additional information.

New Jersey Division of Pension & Benefits

Pension Tier: There are some differences in PERS and TPAF enrollment and retirement criteria for individuals enrolled after certain dates. To find out which Pension Tier you are in click here.

Enrollment: New employees who have never been enrolled in a pension system will be automatically enrolled in TPAF, PERS, or DCRP. Those who are transferring from another district within the SAME pension system, click here and submit this form to Payroll. Those who are switching pension systems must fill out an interfund transfer form.

Automated Information System: The NEW Automated Information System provides you with more information than ever before. In addition to getting information about your account, you can now process requests such as applying for a pension loan, getting a retirement estimate, changing your retired tax withholding amounts, or requesting letters such as a statement of account and mortgage verification information - all right over the phone! Read more about it HERE.Available 24 Hours A Day/7 Days A Week - (609) 777-1777

TPAF Member Handbook (PDF) | PERS Member Handbook (PDF)

If you need to change your name, address or gender in regards to your pension  please fill out this form.