Joseph Valver

Coordinator of District IT Services

At Galloway Township Public Schools, our dedicated Technology Team is passionate about providing a robust and innovative learning environment. We achieve this by:

  • Planning and implementing cutting-edge academic and administrative technologies across our entire district.

  • Supporting our staff and students with a comprehensive range of devices, including:

    • Over 3,500 Chromebooks for flexible and collaborative learning.

    • Roughly 1,000 Windows devices to meet specialized software needs.

    • 500+ iOS devices, expanding student access to mobile learning tools.

  • Ensuring seamless connectivity by providing wired and wireless network access across all seven schools and office locations.

  • Utilizing advanced network infrastructure, featuring Aruba, Fortinet, and Meraki technologies, to deliver high-speed fiber connections to every switch.

  • Facilitating clear communication through an Avaya IP telephony solution for our staff, and Microsoft Teams and Google Meet applications for video conferencing. 

  • Providing access to a range productivity suites that include Office 365 and Google Workspace to all of our staff and students, fostering effective communication and collaboration.

We are committed to continuously developing and maintaining district technology that empowers everyone and transforms instruction and learning.

Technology Team Mission

We partner with educators and students to harness the power of technology. We actively support and empower educators by providing them with the tools, training, and insights they need to personalize learning and create engaging experiences. We strive to inspire students to become creators, collaborators, and critical thinkers, using technology to explore their passions, connect with the world, and prepare for a future brimming with possibilities. Together, we can support the use of technology to empower everyone and transform instruction and learning.

Technology Team Core Principles

  • We embrace positivity and empathy to foster a supportive environment so that everyone is comfortable seeking guidance. Our willingness to help and ability to listen help us resolve every issue with a friendly approach.

  • It's not enough to simply fix an issue, we look for creative and innovative ideas to unlock unexpected solutions that make the impossible possible. This is how we support education with the use of technology to transform instruction and enhance learning.

  • As technology continues to evolve, we see communication and collaboration not just as addons, but the key to our success. We strive to keep everyone informed and foster open relationships to ensure that everyone feels heard, understood, and empowered. 

  • Beyond the tech tickets, we search for challenges to grow and share our gained knowledge and success. When we continue to cultivate growth and celebrate success, tech support stops being a job and becomes a journey.