Fees: Per Child
The Child Care Program is approved by the Galloway Township Board of Education. However, the program operates as a self-funded program and receives no money from the school budget. In orderto maintain the high quality of care we provide for the children attending the program, we must charge the following:

Yearly Registration:


Before School Program:

$6.00 per day

Before School Program - Preschool students in Pomona, Roland & Smithville

$10.00 per day

After School Program:

$10.00 per day

Early Dismissal Day After Care:

$10.00 per day




Child Returned by Bus Driver


Child Not Picked Up at School


Child Returned by Bus Driver on Early Dismissal Day


Child Not Picked Up on Early Dismissal Day





Late Enrollment Fee (one day):

$15.00 per child**

Late Enrollment Fee (two days):

$30.00 per child

Late Pick-up Fee - First Time

$15.00 per 15 min.

Late Pick-up Fee - Second Time

$25.00 per 15 min.

ALL late fees must be paid by the next week in order to continue using the program.
* MUST receive prior approval from the CCP Coordinator for three or more days late: 609-748-1250, ext. 1029.